Facility Layout & Description


Facilities are provided appropriate for all planned work, ensuring in particular, protection from the weather elements. Specialised workshops and bays are segregated as appropriate, to ensure that environmental and work area contamination is unlikely to occur.

Office accommodation are provided appropriate for the management planned work including in particular, the management of quality, planning and technical records.

The working environment is appropriate for the task carried out and in particular special requirements observed. Unless otherwise dictated by the particular task environment, the working environment are such that the effectiveness of personnel is not impaired.

Secure storage facilities are provided in accordance with the manufacturers instructions to prevent deterioration and damage of stored items. Access to storage facilities is restricted to authorised personnel.



Location: Salzburg Airport 

Ground Floor

Maintenance Hanger:            1230,0  qm
Spare Parts Department:         107,1  qm
Equipment Room:                    14,3  qm
Battery Room (Ni-Cad):              6,6  qm
Battery Room (Lead):                 3,3  qm
Maintenance Mgr. and
Publications Office:                  20,2  qm


First Floor

Avionic Workshop and 
Maintenance Mgr. Office:            50,1 qm
Office, Administration and
Telephone Connecting Room:      20,0  qm
Office, Acc. Manager and 
Administration:                           32,2  qm
Office, Quality Manager:               9,0  qm 

Training-Rooms                          30,0 qm