Aerotechnik G.m.b.H. in Salzburg has been in operation since 1955 under the name of „ÖFAG“ and was renamed „Aerotechnik“ in 1986. It is the only aircraft maintenance facility at Salzburg Airport. In August of 1997 the Company was acquired by 
A.A.S. Luftfahrzeughandels GmbH of Vienna. This Company was formed in the year 1983/84. From the beginning a trading company it represents a number of well known principals in the aviation industry. 
The two companies were merged in January 1998 and are operated since then under the name of 
„AAS Aerotechnik Luftfahrzeug-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.“ with headquarters in Vienna and the major part of the operation at Salzburg Airport .

As from the beginning of 2001 the helicopter sales division at Vienna was given the name “AAS Aircraft Sales GmbH”. At Salzburg the maintenance base operates again as “Aerotechnik GmbH” since December 2001.

Beginning of 1993 Aerotechnik G.m.b.H. was moved to a brand-new hangar, which now offers one of the finest customer support facilities. 

Aerotechnik GmbH is now not only the sole maintenance base at Salzburg airport, but also facilitates the only one of two Avionic Workshops in this size of operation. Most of the employees have been with the company for many years and are expierenced, well trained experts, capable of supporting various types of aircraft, both fixed wing as well as helicopter.


Aerotechnik GmbH is a JAR 145 certified maintenance base since September 1994.

The company has been a Cessna Service Center since the start in 1955 and a dealer and/or service centre for many well known products such as King/Bendix, Becker,  BFGoodrich Stormscope,  Rockwell  Collins,  Trimble,  Garmin,  Sigma-Tek, S-Tec and Terra.